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Selling online? Then you'll know the problems.

More companies using your keywords. More companies with online selling advantages you can't match: bulk supplies, automated systems, teams of marketing specialists, click-through spends of tens of thousands monthly. All aimed to see you out of business — even more so now the economic downturn has sharpened competition. . .

So our previous website.

Today, ten years on, we offer a good deal more: Internet business models, strategies, case studies and summaries of technical matters. All in the usual succinct and easy-to-follow style that has been a hit with students, business people, entrepreneurs and institutions in 60 countries across the world. Best of all, it's entirely free.

More than that, we give you the real picture. No sensible business person now relies on the mainstream press, but gets their information from specialist blogs, trade magazines and research journals. You must read wider and think deeper to stand any chance of beating the competition since, contrary to assertions, ecommerce is anything but easy. Most Internet companies had a difficult birth, and some are rumored to have had clandestine state support. We try to set you on the right path.

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eBusiness: A Free & Complete Ecommerce Text

How companies succeed in the challenging world of ebusiness is the information provided by this site: the business models they adopt, the programs and services they employ, and how the mix of theory, technology and business skills works out in practice. All types of ebusinesses, large and small, are covered, and the emphasis is on the practical: what specifically is done, how, and using what tools and services.

These pages provide a complete course on Internet business, from broad principles to specific applications. On completing the modules, readers will be able to:

1, Satisfy the requirements for many business studies courses that cover the digital economy.

2. Grasp the underlying principles on which all digital transactions are built.

3. Read with the necessary insight the articles and studies appearing in the business and academic press.

4. Appreciate the extent and power of the evolving ebusiness revolution.

5. Assess, improve and extend any ebusiness they may be required to manage.

6. Build their own ebusiness with some likelihood of success.

Existing emarketers and businesses will find the book an immense help in:

1. Choosing the appropriate models for their own business.

2. Selecting the right tools and services to build or extend that business.

3. Improving the business to compete effectively.

In Summary . . .

For business-studies students and go-ahead companies. Our pages build on ten year's experience of selling ecommerce information across the world. Concise, practical and up-to-date, the site provides more than the leading textbooks — over 1200 pages and 3,800 references if printed out in A4 size format.

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Look around the site, and perhaps you'll find the answer to your query immediately. Or you'll find the best references to take the inquiry further. eBusiness is now a vast field, but this site gives you a good head start. We have also compiled these pages into a free pdf book, which you can download from here.

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Social Social Aspects of ebusiness: opportunities and legislation.

Prospects Surveys and world trade models.

Planning What aspects to cover, and how.

eBusiness Types of ebusiness, from email marketing to corporate enterprises.

Marketing How to market the business effectively.

Technical Technical matters: for reference.

Models Business models, theory and strategy.

Case Studies Learning from others: over 40 cautionary tales and case studies.

Resources Hundreds of key resources.

Textbook A free, up-to-date and comprehensive guide.

Studies Commercial in-depth studies in preparation.

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